7/7/20 Attention all residents – Paving

Beginning July 20, the Curry Ford gate will be closed for repaving of Woodgate Blvd. All residents & guests at that time will be required to use the Pershing Gate until further notice.

Please provide all of your visitors the following address:
4211 Woodgate Blvd. Orlando,  FL 32822.

If you are a resident – you may continue to use the raper dairy gate as long as you have a barcode! 


Southpointe paving will begin on July 13th (Monday).  Please do not park in any parking spaces marked with and “x” for the duration of the paving project.  Any vehicles parked in improper spaces will be relocated at the vehicle owners expense.  If you have a bike stored on a bike rack in the parking lot by Building 1/2 or 9/10 you will need to move it temporarily beginning July 13th and until the paving is completed.