It is free:

Your community has made this area available to you so that if you are trying to rent your condo you can do so from here.

The listings are displayed with the featured listings first, and then the free listings. All listings are sorted with the most recent first in each group. Free listings are current for 90 days,  Featured listings are for 90 days, and 10 days before expiration time, you will receive a reminder email to renew your listing. Please only renew if your unit is not rented, and do not place multiple listings of the same property.

All listings will be reviewed by the site admin before they appear on the site.

There is a facility to have your property listed as a FEATURED listing, with photographs, and to appear above the free listings at a cost of $20 for 90 days.

The below table shows the comparison between the FREE listing, and FEATURED Listings.

Free Listing Featured Listing
10 Day Duration 90 Day Duration
Phone Contact Phone Contact
Email Contact Email Contact
Up to 150 words of text Up to 1500 words of text
  4 images
  Always Listed above Free Listings
  Listed in rotation on all pages
  Shown as Featured Rental
  Listed in Rotation on Home Page.

As this website is maintained at no cost to the Southpointe Condo Association, that payment will be used to support the website.

Just complete the form below to make your listing. You choose either the FREE or FEATURED listings by selecting the appropriate box below. Any payments will be collected through Paypal only