Attention all Residents Covid-19 update

It has come to our attention that there are now several Ventura employees infected with the Covid-19 virus.  We have also learned that several golfers have gotten the virus.  If you have used any of the Ventura amenities in the last two weeks (clubhouse, gym, restaurant, golf course etc.) we urge you to go get tested for the virus, even if you are not showing any symptoms.  We are monitoring the situation closely, as even a member of the Southpointe staff (possibly 2) now have the virus.  We are doing our best to keep all of our residents safe, but this may mean that the pools will be shut down again soon to prevent the spread of the virus.  Please check our website regularly for updates regarding this situation.  We would like to thank all of our residents who have followed the rules and made things easier for us during this pandemic.  Although our office has been closed, we have been able to keep things running as smoothly as possible while also not endangering any of the residents.  As always if anyone needs assistance, please contact China Benson, the property manager at or 407 924 2945 (you can call or text this number).  Thank you all in advance for your continuous cooperation during this time.  We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.


China Benson, Property Manager for Southpointe Condominiums