Attention all Southpointe Owners and Residents

Now that we have accessed most of the 448 units and most leaks have been reported and assessed the roofs will be done in the following order:

















The order of this list is based on which buildings have the worst leaks, and which roofs are currently in the worst condition.  We are moving as quickly as possible and currently have two roofing crews on site.  The following buildings currently have roofers working on them: 41/42, 35/36, 37/38.  Building 7/8 is done other than some metal work which should be completed in the next couple of days.  Please check back regularly, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates using your email address on the bottom of our home page.  We will be posting updates by building number so that you only need to read the updates that apply to your unit(s).  If you have any questions please contact us at 407 282-9250.  We cannot give starting dates or end dates for the buildings as there are many factors that determine those dates. However, we will let you know before the roofers get to your building and we will let you know when your building is complete.  Start and end dates on each building are determined by how much damage each building has, the weather, material delivery, permits from the City, City inspections etc.  There may be pauses in work due to these reasons as well.  If there is a hold up on a particular building, the roofers may temporarily move on to the next building to keep the project moving.  Be advised that as a precaution to our unpredictable weather, once the roofers start a building, they will make sure it is water tight before they leave for the day, in case it rains over night.  They will not leave any units exposed to the elements once they start the building.  Other than the first 4 buildings mentioned on the list above, if you have had a roof leak since the hurricane, it will still leak until the roofers get to your building.  Please keep an eye on the weather and prepare for that accordingly.

If you reported a leak and have NOT yet had United Water Restoration come to your unit and remove any drywall and insulation that needs to be removed, please contact Andrew immediately at 407 222-6099, and set an appointment for him to do so. Andrew needs to remove any damaged drywall and insulation BEFORE your roof is replaced.  Once your roof is replaced another crew will come to replace any missing drywall and insulation.  This is a very large project and an insurance claim, this is the process and we need EVERYONE to cooperate to help the project run smoothly.  We apologize for the inconveniences this project brings, but it is necessary and the more cooperation we have from everyone, the quicker this will be over.

Please subscribe or check back weekly for any updates posted that affect your building.  If your property is rented, please let your tenants know what is going on or have them also check or subscribe to this website so that they get the updates that will affect their stay here.  We have a lot of angry residents here that are very confused as to what is going on.  This should not be the case, as we sent out letters to EVERY owner immediately after the hurricane and we have been posting updates ever since.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.  I will be posting more updates for certain buildings today.

China J Benson, LCAM Property Manager Southpointe Condominiums