Attention Residents Buildings 35 and 36

The roofing construction has begun on your buildings.  Please use caution as there may be roofing nails and other materials in the common areas.  As reported earlier there will be temporary AC outages while AC units are moved for re-roofing.  If your outage lasts longer than a few hours, please contact Hector with Mr. AC of Orlando at 407 451-5758.  For those of you interested in replacing your old AC system while the roofing project is occurring, Hector is offering a discount since he will be on the roof anyway.  For those of you with old AC units (over 15 years old), we will do our best to get your AC back up and running smoothly. However, some of the AC units are so old and damaged just lifting it could cause the unit to completely fall apart and or die.  We have found several units that are over 30 years old, and AC’s are simply not designed to last that long.  Some are totally rusted and falling apart and are literally on their last leg.  We cannot take responsibility for AC’s that have outlived their useful life.  This project is required by the City as part of the re-roofing project and must be done.  If the simple act of moving your AC unit a couple of feet causes it to fall apart and totally die, you will have to replace it.

For those of you who live and/or own a unit in these buildings, if you have drywall damage from the hurricane and have NOT yet had Andrew from United Water Restoration over to your unit, please contact him immediately at 407 222-6099.  He needs to remove your damaged drywall,  and insulation and seal the area with plastic.  Once the roof is completed, you can contact the Southpointe office at 407 282-9250 to schedule the drywall crew to come and replace any drywall and insulation that was removed.

There may be pauses in the project due to City inspections, weather, or material deliveries.  Delays may cause the roofers to work on weekends or to temporarily move to another building so they can keep working and moving forward.    We apologize in advance for the noise and inconvenience this project may cause.  We are working as quickly and efficiently as possible to get all of the roofs done before the rainy season.  If you have any questions please contact us at 407 282-9250.  Thank  you in advance for your cooperation.

China J Benson, LCAM Property Manager, Southpointe Condominiums