Attention Upstairs Residents/Owners in Building 9

Beginning on Monday January 15th, we will have contractors working on the upstairs atrium outside the front doors to the units in Building 9.   As you may have noticed, repeated storms over the last few months have caused the Atrium to become unstable and start to collapse.  We have put support posts to hold it up temporarily so it is safe to walk on, however it needs to be taken apart and rebuilt.  As each section is taken down a temporary walkway will be put up so that residents can get in and out, however we ask that everyone cooperate and come in and out of their units as little as possible during the time the atrium is being taken apart and rebuilt.  If you live upstairs in Building 9, we would appreciate you calling us and giving us your schedule for next week so that we can have the contractors attempt to work on the area outside your front door at a time when no on will be going in and out of your unit.  For questions or to let us know your schedule next week, you may contact us at 407 282-9250.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Again this notice applies to UPSTAIRS UNITS IN BUILDING 9 ONLY!

China Benson, LCAM, Property Manager, Southpointe Condominiums