BB&T Bank change update

Effective immediately we are no longer with Regions bank, we are now with BB&T.  For those of you on auto-pay the last Regions auto-pay was November.  We had sent out notices stating this change would be taking place beginning in June, and we have sent several notices since.  Many auto-pay customers were/are under the impression that their auto-pay from Regions would transfer over to BB&T automatically, or that the form they filled out in October was for the new auto-pay.  This is not true.  The form the auto-pay customers filled out in October was to CANCEL the Regions auto-pay, however if you wish to still be on auto-pay you MUST sign up with BB&T.  The auto-pay form is on this website, it is also available in the office and there is also a form inside the payment book you should have received this month.

If you still have not received your payment book, please contact us immediately.  We have had over 30 books returned to us due to owners moving and not notifying us of their address change.

Please check your records, if you have not paid December, you must do so now as it is almost 4 weeks late.  If you have not filled out the auto-pay form (this month) and wish to be on auto-pay please sign up immediately.  It is now too late to sign up for January but if you sign up now it will start for February. Please remember to include a voided check, or copy of a voided check from the account you are using for auto-pay.  Forms submitted without this will be rejected by the bank.  It is the owners’ responsibility to make sure payments are made on time.  Payments are due the first of the month and are considered late on the 10th.  Accounts that hit 30 days past due will be sent to collections and be subject to additional fines and penalties.  We gave 6 months notice of this change and sent several reminders.  Please remember to check this website for updates and make sure you read any mail from Southpointe.  We only had 2 out of 200 auto-pay units properly follow the instructions we sent out regarding the bank switch.  If you need to check your balance or need help signing up, please contact our office at 407 282-9250.

For those of you using online bill pay who have your payments coming directly to our office you do not need to change anything.  For those who mail your payments in to the address on the coupon book, you do not need to change anything.  For those who come into the office to pay, you also do not need to change anything.  If you have been notified that your account is in collections, you must contact the attorney.  The bank will not accept your payments, you must pay the attorney directly.

Please review your payments booklets.  BB&T offers several ways to pay.  Currently you are able to sign up for auto-pay, pay at our office, mail your payment in to the P.O. Box, pay at a BB&T branch (provided you bring your payment coupon with you, you can pay online, and you can pay using a credit or debit card.  Please see your payment book for instructions.  Thank you