Urgent Message Regarding Gate Access

REMINDER! BRAND NEW visitor Access Software Effective August 1, 2018

This a reminder starting August 1st we will no longer be using DwellingLIVE and we will start using TEKWave. We have started giving out registration codes. Please contact the Admin office via Email, Phone or Walk-in to receive your registration code and residential guide.

Here are some small reminders:

  1. Your 6 digit Verbal Verification code will remain the same
  2. The credential requirements for the password is as followed:
    1. A digit must occur at least once
    2. A lower case letter must occur at least once
    3. An upper case letter must occur at least once
    4. No whitespace allowed in the password
    5. At least 8 characters
  3. The name of the mobile app is TEKControl Visitor Management:
    1. To download TEKWave for Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), click here.
    2. To download TEKWave for Android mobile devices, click here
  4. Once you have created your credentials and are able to login, please make sure that the information (ex. Residents, Phone number, Emails, Vehicles) are correct. If any changes need to be made, please contact the Admin office to update it.

Instruction sheet available here Techwave as a PDF