Hurricane Ian damage

We hope everyone made it through the storm ok.  We are happy to report that Southpointe is open for business and thankfully only received minimal damages.  So far there are a few patios leaking, and a few roof leaks.  Most of the roof leaks appear to be in Building 10.  A large piece of metal flashing broke off the building and was found on the roof.  This has caused most UPSTAIRS units in Building 10 to have a roof leak in one place or another.  Our staff is here cleaning up what we can today, and we will resume cleanup on Monday.  Most of our damages are landscaping related, but luckily no trees fell.  If you need to report any storm damage, please contact the office at 407 282 9250.  The pools will be closed until Monday.  With over a foot of rain, both pools and the hot tub overflowed.  The filtering systems have been off since Tuesday in case there were power outages.  The front half of Ventura by the main gate is flooded, as is Dockside, portions of the golf course, and Woodgate between the front gate and Raintree.  You must use the Pershing gate at this time until further notice.  Southpointe did not have flooding issues, and we did not lose utilities. It will take some time to clean up everything and resume our normal schedule, so please be patient during this time.  We are addressing all of the issues that have been reported to us in order or priority.  We will get to everyone as quickly as possible.   As I am sure you can imagine, there are supply shortages on materials and a lot of places have not reopened due to power and flooding issues.  We are waiting on additional dumpsters for the landscaping debris.  If you have any questions or concerns or if you need to report anything, please contact us.


Southpointe Management