Hurricane Irma Damage update 11/22/17

For those of you in Buildings 13 and 14 that have not yet met up with Andrew from United Water Restoration this week to address your leak damage, you must contact him and set up an appointment for Monday November 27th or Tuesday November 28th.  Beginning Wednesday November 29th we will be moving on to Buildings 15 and 16.

If you are an owner or resident in Building 15 or 16 and you have reported damage or leaks from Hurricane Irma we will be starting on your units beginning Wednesday November 29th.  This means all damaged/wet drywall and insulation will be removed and then sealed with plastic until the roofs are replaced.  Please be ready for the crew Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week.  If you need to set a specific appointment date and time with Andrew and his crew please call him at 407 222 6099.   Units I have that reported leaks are: 3832, 3846, 3848, 3814, 3818, 3822, 3824, 3826.  If you live or own in Buildings 15 and 16 and you have a leak but you have not reported it, YOU MUST REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY.  IF YOU OWN IN BUILDING 15 AND 16 BUT DO NOT LIVE HERE AND YOU HAVE NOT YET CHECKED YOUR UNIT SINCE THE HURRICANE, YOU MUST DO SO IMMEDIATELY.  If you own one of the following units, we still have not heard from you and you must contact us immediately for a walk through to check for storm damage: 3828, 3842, 3854, 3800, 3810.

*** To anyone in any building who has had a leak during or after the hurricane:  It is going to rain tomorrow and Saturday most likely.  The tarps are NOT a guarantee against leaks.  If you have had a leak since the hurricane you will most likely have a leak during the upcoming rain.  You must be prepared for this.  If you need to move furniture or place buckets in the areas that are leaking you should do so tonight.  If you have tenants you must keep them informed on what is going on, or have them sign up for the website so that they know what is going on and they are aware of when the work crews need to get into the unit.  Once we move past your building and start on the next building, they crew will not come back to you.  They cannot keep moving their trucks and equipment back to buildings they already worked on.

Once 15 and 16 are done, the next set of buildings to be worked on will be 29 and 30.  Those Buildings are scheduled for the week of December 4th.

We do not know yet when the roof work will be done.  This is a large insurance claim and will take time to process.  I am giving everyone information as I receive it.  When I receive word on the roofs I will pass it on.


China Benson, Property Manager, Southpointe Condominiums