Hurricane Irma update 10/20/17

Somehow my last post erased before it made it out to everyone, so I will combine the information from the last post in with this post.

Firstly thank you to everyone who responded to our letters and posts and cooperated with our instructions. Since many owners are calling and emailing us everyday for updates regarding their specific unit, I will be making this post as specific as possible.  Let me start by listing all 32 buildings and the units I have NOT yet heard from.  We need to access your unit next week. If you need to mail us a key please do so.  If you have a local contact who has your key, please have them come to the office with it so our insurance company can inspect your unit.  Unfortunately we have had many people tell us they have no damage but upon inspection, leak damage was spotted and somehow over looked by the owner/tenant.  Therefore we cannot just accept someone telling us they have no issue.  This is mainly because undetected leaks will cause mold which will eventually spread to other units.  If your unit is listed below you must contact us immediately because we have not yet been able to gain access to your unit.

BUILDING 1 and 2 :  3548, 3552, 3554, 3560, 3570, 3572, 3524, 3526, 3528, 3532, 3534, 3536, 3538, 3540, 3546,

BUILDINGS 3 and 4: 3605, 3621, 3625, 3635, 3643, 3647, 3649

BUILDINGS 5 and 6:  3659, 3661, 3667, 3675, 3683, 3685, 3687

BUILDINGS 7 and 8:  3578, 3586, 3606, 3612, 3618, 3628

BUILDINGS 9 and 10:  3634, 3638, 3640, 3652, 3654, 3656, 3664, 3672, 3674, 3682, 3684

BUILDINGS 11 and 12:  3688, 3690, 3696, 3698, 3706, 3710, 3722, 3724, 3730, 3732, 3734, 3740

BUILDINGS 13 and 14:  3772, 3774, 3776, 3778, 3782, 3784, 3788, 3744, 3748, 3750, 3752, 3754, 3756, 3764, 3766

BUILDINGS 15 and 16:  3828, 3832, 3834, 3836, 3842, 3846,3854, 3800, 3802, 3806, 3810

BUILDINGS 29 and 30:  3937, 3939, 3943, 3947, 3949, 3961, 3956, 3971, 3973, 3975, 3977, 3985, 3989

BUILDINGS 31 and 32:  4023, 4027, 4035, 4039, 4045, 3993, 3995, 3999, 4005, 4009, 4011

BUILDINGS 33 and 34:  3984, 3986, 3988, 3992, 3996, 4000, 4002, 4006, 4010, 3962, 3964, 3966, 3970, 3976, 3978

BUILDINGS 35 and 36:  3930, 3932, 3948, 3902, 3904, 3906, 3908, 3910, 3912, 3914, 3918, 3920, 3926

BUILDINGS 37 and 38:  3825, 3833, 3837, 3853, 3855, 3861, 3863, 3865

BUILDINGS 39 and 40:  3909, 3911, 3913, 3917, 3931, 3881, 3883, 3885, 3889

BUILDINGS 41 and 42:  3799, 3803, 3807, 3811, 3817, 3823, 3769, 3775, 3791, 3793

BUILDINGS 43 and 44:  3725, 3727, 3733, 3735, 3737, 3739, 3741, 3743, 3745, 3751, 3753, 3755, 3757, 3761, 3767

If your unit is listed above please contact me preferably by email since most of my time lately is spent outside or checking units with insurance.  If you have not had a visit from me or Andrew from United Water Restoration, you must contact us next week so that we can check your unit. If we have the correct key for your unit and it is unoccupied, all you need to do is call and give us permission to enter.  If you have changed your locks or never given us a key to your unit, please mail the correct key to our office.  We must have a key or lockbox code for every unit on file.

We have spent several weeks now perfecting the tarping as best as we can.  This is not a guarantee that you will not have another leak.  If you checked your unit after the storm but not again after that, I highly suggest you continue to check it periodically.  We have had several bad rain storms since the hurricane and more leaks have been surfacing.  As a reminder our insurance is responsible for removing wet and damaged drywall and insulation from your unit due to the hurricane, however everything else inside your unit is your responsibility and falls under your own insurance including (paint, furniture, flooring, personal items etc.)

Right now United Water restoration is focusing on removing damaged walls, insulation and ceilings and drying out units in Building 7 and 8.  This building had the most number of units affected by the storm.  If you have a unit in building 7 or 8 and would like to know the status of your specific unit, please contact Andrew from United Water Restoration at 407 222 6099.  Again this is for owners in building 7 and 8 only.  I do not want to list specific units and their damage here, but I can say there were many walls, ceilings and a lot of insulation that was removed from that building this week.

This process will be done in every building in order or priority.  Priority is determined by the buildings with the MOST leaks, not necessarily the worst leaks.  Meaning if there is one unit in building 1 that has a bad leak, but there are 7 units in building 8 that have leaks, building 8 would be done first.  Building 9 and 10 is scheduled for next week.  If you have a unit in Building 9 or 10, please be ready for Andrew next weeks beginning on Wednesday.

Again it will be quite some time before any interior drywall and insulation is replaced.  The roof situation on all 32 roofs must be resolved before anything interior will be done.  For units that will have ceilings and walls removed, Andrew and his crew will be installing a thick plastic over any missing walls and ceilings to prevent your AC from escaping your unit and to keep any debris and possible future water leaks from making it into your unit.  The workers are doing their best to protect furniture and floors while they work and are making their best efforts to clean up any mess they make.

While you are waiting for Andrew to get to your building, please monitor your unit, your leak, and do your best to protect the items in your home.  If you need buckets or help with your leak, please contact the office.  If your leak has gotten worse in the past week, please contact us so we can check the tarps.

I will make another post next Friday as to what set of buildings will be after buildings 9 and 10.  Please remember there are 448 units and it will take time to get to everyone and address every issue.  If you are an owner who does not live here full time and you are not here now, please do not be surprised if you have portions or entire walls and ceilings missing when you arrive.  We are doing our best to keep each individual informed on their specific unit(s), however if we get to your unit and we cannot locate you for whatever reason we will do whatever necessary to enter your unit  and remove storm damaged drywall and insulation.  We cannot leave it and wait for your arrival this winter because this will cause mold in your unit and possibly surrounding units as well.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.  Please try and keep all calls, other than emergencies, within office hours.

China Benson, property manager, Southpointe Condominiums