Hurricane Irma update December 26th 2017

Since many of our winter residents have arrived or in the process of arriving, we have had several delays on the storm clean up.  United Water Restoration has had to back track to several buildings that were already worked on to address units that are just now granting access and reporting storm damages.  If you live or own a unit in Buildings 1-16 and you have storm damage but have not yet had United Water Restoration come to address your damages, you must contact Andrew immediately at 407 222 6099.  If you live in Buildings 29 and 30 and you have storm damage, please contact Andrew and schedule a time for next week for United Water Restoration to come address your damages.  For owners and residents in Buildings 31 and 32, Andrew and his crew will be working in your building beginning January 8th. Please stay tuned for our next post on when you should contact Andrew to schedule your appointment.

We finally started receiving funds from our insurance claim today.  We are working with our attorney and contractors to finalize the roof replacement details and apply for permits.  Roof replacement will start as soon as possible beginning with Buildings 7 and 8.  Please stay tuned to our updates for further information and instructions.  We will begin as soon as permits are issued and will be starting with the worst buildings.  All 32 buildings will have their roofs replaced as long as the gutters, downspouts, and flashing. While the roofs are replaced, the AC units (which are on the roof) will be temporarily disconnected.  We will be posting notices informing residents of these AC outages.  Our goal is to work as quickly as possible while the weather is cool and rain is minimal.  Thank you all for your continued support and patience.

China Benson LCAM, Property Manager