Hurricane Irma update – September 22, 2017

This week we have continued to survey and document all of the damage done to the buildings and roofs due to hurricane Irma.  Our Insurance company sent us a large crew of workers from United Construction,  that have been going around tarping the areas on the roof that can be tarped.  Our insurance company has also sent out United Water Restoration to go door to door and document and photograph any interior drywall damage. When United knocks on your door, please let them inside so that your leak damage will be included on the insurance claim (drywall only).  If you condo is rented, please inform your tenants to let these contractors in, otherwise our insurance will NOT cover your drywall damage.  Any units that are unoccupied at the time United comes around will find a business card in their door belonging to Andrew Scott of United Water Restoration. If you found a card in your door this week and you missed his visit, please call him to set up an appointment so that he can check for damages.  If you have not had a visit or card from him yet, he will be by to see you next week.  If you found the card but was unsure of what to do and you no longer have the card, you can reach Andrew Scott at 407 222 6099.

Although tarps have gone up and are still going up, I cannot promise you there will not be more leaks.  There are many dryer vents and AC units on the roofs  which cannot be covered.  They are being tarped around as best as possible.  There is rain expected in the near future and you must be ready for leaks just in case.  If you need buckets please contact us, we have some in the maintenance shed you can borrow.

If your unit is unoccupied and it has not been checked yet, you must check it immediately. Our insurance company will not cover damaged interior drywall if it is not reported in a timely manner.  If your unit is rented please contact your rental company or tenants to ensure there were no leaks due to the storm.  If you have a leak and have not reported it, please report it now.  We must turn in a report to the Insurance company on every unit whether it has a leak or not.  If you have not yet contacted us to let us know whether you have a leak or not, please do so immediately.  You can leave us a message at 407 282 9250, please make sure to state your unit number(s).  If you have already spoken to us to let us know whether or not you have a leak, you do not need to contact us for this again.  Please report roof leaks ONE TIME ONLY.

As a reminder, our insurance is covering storm damage to DRYWALL ONLY.  By law all homeowners are supposed to have their own homeowners policy (paid for separately) to cover the interior of the unit (baseboards, floors, furniture, appliances, furniture, etc.). The Association insurance only covers the EXTERIOR of the buildings.   Everything from the drywall in, is NOT the associations responsibility and therefore is not covered on our policy.  Also, mortgage insurance is NOT homeowners insurance.  If you have storm damage other than drywall, you will need to submit a claim to your own insurance company.  If you do not have a homeowners policy, you must get one immediately.  New policies will obviously not cover the damage you have now, but it will help prevent future losses.   I have sent out notices every year stating that homeowners insurance was necessary.  If you need a referral to an insurance company to obtain a homeowners policy, please contact the Southpointe office.

I will continue posting updates as I have them to keep everyone informed of our progress. The insurance workers will be out here working 7 days a week.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.  If you have any questions please let us know.  As stated in the updates that were mailed out, I will now be posting the storm updates on the website only.  You may check back here each Friday, or sign up using your email so that you receive updates automatically.

China Benson, property manager, Southpointe Condominiums