Hurricane Irma

Attention Southpointe Residents

In preparation for hurricane Irma we would like to make the following safety statements:

  1. Do not leave or put ANY items outside your property
  2. Move items currently in your patio to inside your condo before Sunday
  3. Have enough water, food, medications, pet supplies to last several days
  4. Pools are closed until the storm has passed
  5. Employees will NOT be able to respond to issues until storm has passed
  6. If the power goes out call OUC at 407 423-9018
  7. During the storm stay inside.  Do NOT open windows or doors
  8. Do not park under trees
  9. Make sure ALL trash is INSIDE dumpsters
  10. Gas/propane may NOT be kept in the building or anywhere on property
  11. Personal Grills are NOT ALLOWED. Use the grills installed on property
  12. Any tape put on windows should be removed immediately after storm
  13. DO NOT drill or make holes in the building in attempts to “board up”
  14. Charge up cell phones, tablets, laptops etc. in case of power loss
  15. Have coolers or large totes & ice ready to protect food if power goes out
  16. There is a list of shelters that will be open in Orange County posted on the office doors for those of you who still do not feel safe, and those who depend on electricity
  17. The office may be closed Monday depending on the timing and intensity of the storm.


MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT PANIC, WE HAVE SURVIVED MANY STORMS HERE AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. OUR STAFF HAS BEEN BUSY ALL WEEK PREPARING FOR THE STORM.  Gutters have been cleaned out, trees trimmed, pond and pool water levels lowered, drains cleaned out,  If you have an emergency please call 407 325-1375.  This number is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.  Remember we will not be able to respond to maintenance/repair issues during the storm.  For non-emergency issues please call 407 282 9250 and leave a message. Stay tuned to local news stations for updates and stay safe.  Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.   


Southpointe Management