There are a total of 6 dumpsters within the vicinity of Southpointe for everyone to use.  There is no excuse for trash to be left outside the front door, patio door, or even on the patios themselves.  This is unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated.  Dumpsters were strategically placed and are within close proximity to the buildings for everyone’s convenience.    There is no reason why the maintenance men and landscapers are having to remove trash from common areas such as the atriums and outside patio doors because it is being left outside.  Trash outside only invites insects, and scavenger animals to rummage through it making a big mess, not to mention it looks absolutely disgusting!

Please also keep in mind that the dumpster fences and gates are NOT to be lined with trash at any time.  If a dumpster is empty throw it in , if a dumpster is full please use another one. 

The garbage men do not pick up anything that is around or behind the dumpsters, and there is certainly NO reason why our maintenance men and landscapers should be doing it either.

Please do your part and help us to continue making Southpointe a beautiful place to live.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Southpointe Management