Other Southpointe updates 9/10/2018

Pool passes- We will be changing pool passes for the new year.  We will begin issuing new pool passes on December 1st.  Each unit will be given 4 passes.  Up to two additional passes can be purchased for a two bedroom unit for $10 a piece.   Six passes is the limit for a two bedroom unit, as six people is the occupancy limit on a two bedroom.  No additional passes may be purchased for a one bedroom unit, as the occupancy limit is 4 people.  If you have a management/rental company renting out your unit, please instruct them to pick up your pool passes in December from our office.  If you rent out your unit, you give your amenity rights over to the renter.  Renters and owners cannot hold passes at the same time for the same unit.

Owner information-  If you have moved or changed any of your contact information this year, please inform the office of these changes.  We are getting a lot of returned mail from owners who have moved and not given us their new address.  We must be able to contact all owners at all times in case of emergencies.

Keys- we must have a key to every unit for emergency purposes.  If there is an emergency and we cannot access your unit, we will be forced to call a locksmith and you will be responsible for that charge.  For residents who lock themselves out of their condo after business hours (provided they have left a copy of their key in the office) , there will now be a $25 charge for someone to come out and get your key from the office so that you can unlock your door.  If you have not given us a key, please do not call us to unlock your door.  We will not break the lock, nor is there a master key for Southpointe.  If you have not provided a key, you will have to call a locksmith and they normally charge $85 per lock after hours.  If you leave a vehicle here for several months at a time and do not have a local person that can move it if needed, we urge you to leave a copy of the key at the office.  If for any reason we need your car moved and no one is available to move it, there is a $35 fee from the towing company to relocate your car to another area onsite.

Utilities- When there is a power, cable, or internet outage, please do NOT call the office or the emergency number.  We do not control the utilities (other than water), and therefore will be unable to help you.  You must contact your utility provider.  The electric company is OUC and you can reach them to report power outage  at  (407) 423-9018.  For cable and phone and  internet you may have Brighthouse/Spectrum (855) 222-0102, or AT&T (855) 982-7478.

Violations- We are currently checking all units for violations as part of the after construction clean up.  We advise any residents who get a violation to make sure it is addressed immediately.  Those of you who have: screens (patio or window) that are ripped or missing, or patios that are painted the incorrect color or being used for storage will be be getting a violation notice.  Also we are checking patio doors and patio frames and giving violations to the ones that need to be painted, as well as front doors etc.  Now would be a good time to take a look at your patio, screens, front door, storm doors, patio doors, and the overall appearance of your patio.  Also if you have ANYTHING other than a welcome mat outside your front door, it will be removed as it is not allowed.  There should be NOTHING outside your patio door, if there is it will also be removed.