Property Inspections

Attention all owners and residents,

We will be inspecting the exterior of the condos next week.  Please make sure your patio and outside areas are in the proper condition.  As a reminder, patios are not to be used for storage.  Only patio furniture is allowed inside the patios,  NOTHING is allowed outside of the patio or outside of the front doors this includes any furniture, potted plants etc.  Also charcoal and gas grills are NOT allowed.  You may use the permanently installed grills in the complex only. We will be checking buildings 1-16 on Tuesday  May 11th and buildings 29-44 on Thursday May 13th.   Please make sure your property is in the proper condition by this time to avoid receiving a violation.  Violations not corrected will be sent to the attorney.  Any items outside will be confiscated.  With the summer storms and hurricane season approaching, we CANNOT have any items outside.  If your property is rented it is still your responsibility to ensure your tenants are following the rules.  Please let your tenants know that this will be taking place.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions please contact us at 407 924 2945.