Roof Replacement and Hurricane Update 1/11/2018

The roofers are scheduled to begin the roof replacement project beginning January 22nd provided the City issues the roofing permits by that time.  The roof replacement will begin with Buildings 7 and 8 since they suffered the most hurricane damages.  This project will include: tear off of existing roof and singles, replacement of entire roof and shingles, replacement of any damaged layers underneath the current roof, replacement of all gutters, downspouts, and the entire metal flashing (drip edge) around the building.  This project will also include AC “upgrades” to each AC condenser on the roof.  Due to a change in building codes since the buildings were built, each AC condenser will need to be strapped to hurricane stand.  Each AC unit will also be getting new wiring and a new electrical box.  AC units will be labeled prior to being temporarily moved for this project to ensure each AC is re-installed to the proper unit.  During this portion of the project, each unit will temporarily have no AC and heat for a short amount of time (approx. 1-2 hours per unit).  To ensure this project is completed at every building before the rainy season returns, the roofers will be working from sun up till sun down 7 days a week.  We apologize in advance for the noise this is going to cause, and the inconveniences it will cause for many, however this is the only way to get all the buildings done before the rainy season.  If you have tenants, please make them aware of this so there are no surprises.

During this project there will be several large dumpsters on sight to dispose of all the current roof material etc.  There may be several areas blocked off so that vehicles do not get damaged.  There will be areas in the parking lot were roofing materials etc. may be stored.  We will try our best not to inconvenience the residents too much, but please understand this is a massive project and we will be moving at a rapid pace to get this done asap.  Work orders that have been requested for pressure washing, painting, landscaping etc. are on hold until roofs are replaced.  Maintenance will be going behind the roofers at each building and following up on work orders that have been submitted.  Cleaning and planting before a construction project will most likely be counter-productive.

Roofs will be replaced in order or priority, meaning the buildings with the most leaks will be done first.  Since new issues, damages, and leaks are still surfacing, the roof replacement schedule may change and therefore I cannot post the full schedule of replacement.  Right now I can say for sure that Buildings 7 and 8 will be first.  Next in line are buildings 41 and 42.  And third in line will be 35 and 36.  We will post notices a few days in advance in the buildings and at the mailbox center to remind people that the roofers will be working in a particular area.

I will say again, if you have had a roof leak since the hurricane, it will most likely continue to leak until your roof is replaced.  You need to keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly.  If you need assistance with a leak please contact Andrew at 407 222 6099.  If you have already reported a leak, you do not need to report it again.  I have a list of all units that are leaking.  If you have a new leak or additional leak in a new place, yes please report that to our office.  If you have a leak and you own and or reside in buildings 1-30 and you have not had Andrew come into your unit to take out damaged insulation and drywall, please contact him and set up an appointment for this.  For those of you in Buildings 31-44, Andrew will be heading to you soon.  He is currently behind schedule due to our winter residents that have arrived the past 3 weeks who have just discovered their issues.  Because of this Andrew has had to backtrack to buildings he has already been to.

From this point forward and until the end of this project, I will be posting updates based on building numbers. The title of each future post will state what buildings the post applies to.  This way when owners/residents see the title of the post, it if does not apply to their buildings they can skip over the update.  Hopefully this will help people who I am sure are tired of reading posts that do not pertain to their building/unit.

Finally, once your roof is replaced, we will have a contractor in place to replace any insulation and drywall that was removed due to damage.  We will post more info on this process once the time approaches.

Thank you,

China Benson, LCAM, Property Manager, Southpointe Condominiums