A couple weeks ago, many units received violations for various issues including: patios, grills, window coverings, items outside on common grounds etc.  Please be advised we are making our second rounds to determine who has not yet corrected their violations.  Any units still in violation will be sent to the attorney for further enforcement.  If you have ANYTHING outside, you must removed it.  The area outside of your doors is common property and you CANNOT have anything outside.  Also the screened in porches are only allowed to have patio furniture.  All other items must be removed.  Patios are not to be used as storage or for any other purpose.  If you have any questions please contact the office.  If you received violations already and have not yet addressed the issue, now would be the time to address it.  If you property is rented, please make sure your renters are following the rules.  As an owner you are responsible for your property and your tenants, it will be the property owner that is send to the attorney, not the tenant.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.